• Hydrogen Assist Technology

  • Save Up To 36 % Fuel

  • Up to 90% Less Emissions

  • 20% Guaranteed Fuel Saving

  • DVLA Road Tax Reduction

  • Lease Purchase

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20% Guaranteed Fuel Saving


A generator which when installed helps combust normal diesel fuel up to 36% more efficiently. FST also offers a 21 day free trial and a minimum guaranteed saving of 20%.

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By carefully adjusting the calibration parameters within the Engine ECU a typical remap with allow the engine to produce more torque lower in the RPM range enabling higher gears to be selected earlier.

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FST UK continually invests in new fuel saving technologies. From new diesel electric hybrids to hydrogen additive systems that have proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 36%.


Fuel Saving Software

New Technologies


Between 2009 and today our single ambition has been to prove the concept of using Hydrogen as a deliverer with all carbon based fuels to lower overall consumption and this we have achieved. The end product of our research and development is the FST Hydrogen-Only assist generator, which has been proven to decrease fuel costs by 36.4% on all relevant combustion engines.


FST UK is committed to providing quality Hydrogen-Only systems while serving customers in public transport, haulage, private motorists and marine vehicles. We are devoted to our customer's needs with a quality product. Today's Customers will see an immediate improvement in their vehicle performance; they can purchase with knowledge that FST UK guarantees a first class service for installation, system maintenance and customer service throughout the products. life.


To purchase your first FST Hydrogen-Only assist generator, or if you would like a FREE fleet demonstration, please contact us at FST UK on 01865 682342 and let us know how we can best serve your needs.



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FST UK Road Tax Reduction (UK)


When your FST UK H2 Assist generator has been fitted, FST UK will arrange your vehicle to be assessed by a local Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) testing station.


We advise pre and post emissions tests to verify the difference in readings.  


Your vehicle will be producing scientifically less particulate matter and therefore emitting less Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen oxides, Benzene and Sulphur dioxides into the atmosphere.


The Test


The test usually takes between 10 - 15 minutes and is completely arranged and paid for by FST UK. Once completed the examiner will present you with certificate, it is important that you keep it safe as you will need to submit it when you reapply for road tax in the lower tax bracket.


The Process


You should apply for the reduced pollution class at the DVLA, and then reapply to tax your vehicle. This will result in a partial refund and future taxing at a greatly reduced cost. This will also increase the market value of your vehicle and make much easier to sell on.


Up to 90% fewer emissions


The reason for fewer emissions is very simple. The flame speed of Hydrogen is nine times faster than the flame speed of diesel. Burning diesel in the presence of Hydrogen will result in overall faster and more complete combustion of the original fuel. When more of the original fuel is being consumed you also burn more of the waste chemicals held within.  

  • Reduced diesel consumption of up to 36.4%

  • Minimum guaranteed fuel saving of 20%

  • Lowers engine and DPF maintenance costs

  • 65% + reduction in emissions

  • 19 week average ROI

  • Free, no obligation, 21 day trial

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